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FastTagging for Brackets

An extension for Brackets to generate a tag with classes and id in a really fast way.

How to Install

  1. Select Brackets > File > Extension Manager...
  2. Search for this extension.
  3. Click on the Install button.

How to Use FastTagging

FastTagging get you rid of wasting time with a basic and hard repetitive task on HTML writing: Starting tags, write and define an id and write and define one or more classes.

With FastTagging you can only type the tag name (without the angle brackets <>) followed by a dot (.) and one or more class names, so you press the shortcut "CTRL (CMD for MAC) + SHIFT + . (dot)" and Surprise! Your tag is created!

a. p.description (pressing SHORTCUT) => <p class="description"></p>
b. (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div class="header black-header"></div>
c. h2 (pressing SHORTCUT) => <h2></h2>
d. mycustomtag (pressing SHORTCUT) => <mycustomtag></mycustomtag>

If you don't want to type any tag name before the dot (.), no problem! FastTagging will put there a div for you:

a. (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div class="header black-header"></div>
b. .card (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div class="card"></div>

So, you say: "WoW, that's great! But what about the id?" Let's talk about this right now. To fill an id for your new tag, you can put a hashtag (#) either right after your tag name or at the beginning of your typing. See:

a. p#warning  (pressing SHORTCUT) => <p id="warning"></p>
b. h1#pagetitle.basetheme (pressing SHORTCUT) => <h1 id="pagetitle" class="basetheme"></h1>
c. #pagebody.basetheme.shadow (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div id="pagebody" class="basetheme shadow"></div>

Furthermore, for us as tableless developers, we have the possibility to make a div tag fastly:

a. . (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div class=""></div>
b. # (pressing SHORTCUT) => <div></div>

It worths to note that FastTagging adds a menu option at "Edit" menu called Auto Create TAG, so you can use it if wish.

So, that's it! Enjoy it and tell us if there's any doubt or bug.


GPL-licensed -- see main.js for details.


Tested on Brackets Release 1.9 on Windows 10.


Brackets Extension: Generates a tag with classes ans id in a really fast way.






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