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/* */
/* Objective Caml */
/* */
/* Jacob Navia, after Xavier Leroy */
/* */
/* Copyright 2001 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et */
/* en Automatique. All rights reserved. This file is distributed */
/* under the terms of the GNU Library General Public License, with */
/* the special exception on linking described in file ../LICENSE. */
/* */
/* Changes made by Chris Watford to enhance the source editor */
/* Began 14 Sept 2003 - */
#ifndef _EDITBUFFER_H_
#define _EDITBUFFER_H_
// All the below was added by Chris Watford
typedef struct tagLineList {
struct tagLineList *Next;
struct tagLineList *Prev;
char *Text;
} LineList;
typedef struct tagEditBuffer {
int LineCount;
struct tagLineList *Lines;
BOOL isCorrect;
} EditBuffer;
BOOL editbuffer_addline (EditBuffer* edBuf, char* line);
BOOL editbuffer_updateline (EditBuffer* edBuf, int idx, char* line);
BOOL editbuffer_updateoraddline (EditBuffer* edBuf, int idx, char* line);
BOOL editbuffer_removeline (EditBuffer* edBuf, int idx);
char* editbuffer_getasline (EditBuffer* edBuf);
char* editbuffer_getasbuffer (EditBuffer* edBuf);
char* editbuffer_lastline (EditBuffer* edBuf);
EditBuffer* editbuffer_copy (EditBuffer* edBuf);
void editbuffer_destroy (EditBuffer* edBuf);
EditBuffer* editbuffer_new (void);
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