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(* *)
(* ocamlbuild *)
(* *)
(* Nicolas Pouillard, Berke Durak, projet Gallium, INRIA Rocquencourt *)
(* *)
(* Copyright 2007 Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et *)
(* en Automatique. All rights reserved. This file is distributed *)
(* under the terms of the Q Public License version 1.0. *)
(* *)
(* Original author: Nicolas Pouillard *)
let version = "ocamlbuild "^(Sys.ocaml_version);;
type command_spec = Command.spec
open My_std
open Arg
open Format
open Command
let entry = ref None
let build_dir = ref (Filename.concat (Sys.getcwd ()) "_build")
let include_dirs = ref []
let exclude_dirs = ref []
let nothing_should_be_rebuilt = ref false
let sanitize = ref true
let sanitization_script = ref ""
let hygiene = ref true
let ignore_auto = ref true
let plugin = ref true
let just_plugin = ref false
let native_plugin = ref true
let make_links = ref true
let nostdlib = ref false
let use_menhir = ref false
let catch_errors = ref true
let use_ocamlfind = ref false
let mk_virtual_solvers =
let dir = Ocamlbuild_where.bindir in
List.iter begin fun cmd ->
let opt = cmd ^ ".opt" in
let a_opt = A opt in
let a_cmd = A cmd in
let search_in_path = memo Command.search_in_path in
let solver () =
if sys_file_exists !dir then
let long = filename_concat !dir cmd in
let long_opt = long ^ ".opt" in
if file_or_exe_exists long_opt then A long_opt
else if file_or_exe_exists long then A long
else try let _ = search_in_path opt in a_opt
with Not_found -> a_cmd
try let _ = search_in_path opt in a_opt
with Not_found -> a_cmd
in Command.setup_virtual_command_solver (String.uppercase cmd) solver
let () =
["ocamlc"; "ocamlopt"; "ocamldep"; "ocamldoc";
"ocamlyacc"; "menhir"; "ocamllex"; "ocamlmklib"; "ocamlmktop"; "ocamlfind"]
let ocamlc = ref (V"OCAMLC")
let ocamlopt = ref (V"OCAMLOPT")
let ocamldep = ref (V"OCAMLDEP")
let ocamldoc = ref (V"OCAMLDOC")
let ocamlyacc = ref N
let ocamllex = ref (V"OCAMLLEX")
let ocamlmklib = ref (V"OCAMLMKLIB")
let ocamlmktop = ref (V"OCAMLMKTOP")
let ocamlrun = ref N
let ocamlfind x = S[V"OCAMLFIND"; x]
let program_to_execute = ref false
let must_clean = ref false
let show_documentation = ref false
let recursive = ref false
let ext_lib = ref Ocamlbuild_Myocamlbuild_config.a
let ext_obj = ref Ocamlbuild_Myocamlbuild_config.o
let ext_dll = ref
let exe = ref Ocamlbuild_Myocamlbuild_config.exe
let targets_internal = ref []
let ocaml_libs_internal = ref []
let ocaml_mods_internal = ref []
let ocaml_pkgs_internal = ref []
let ocaml_lflags_internal = ref []
let ocaml_cflags_internal = ref []
let ocaml_docflags_internal = ref []
let ocaml_ppflags_internal = ref []
let ocaml_yaccflags_internal = ref []
let ocaml_lexflags_internal = ref []
let program_args_internal = ref []
let ignore_list_internal = ref []
let tags_internal = ref [["quiet"]]
let tag_lines_internal = ref []
let show_tags_internal = ref []
let log_file_internal = ref "_log"
let my_include_dirs = ref [[Filename.current_dir_name]]
let my_exclude_dirs = ref [[".svn"; "CVS"]]
let dummy = "*invalid-dummy-string*";; (* Dummy string for delimiting the latest argument *)
(* The JoCaml support will be in a plugin when the plugin system will support
* multiple/installed plugins *)
let use_jocaml () =
ocamlc := A "jocamlc";
ocamlopt := A "jocamlopt";
ocamldep := A "jocamldep";
ocamlyacc := A "jocamlyacc";
ocamllex := A "jocamllex";
ocamlmklib := A "jocamlmklib";
ocamlmktop := A "jocamlmktop";
ocamlrun := A "jocamlrun";
let add_to rxs x =
let xs = Lexers.comma_or_blank_sep_strings (Lexing.from_string x) in
rxs := xs :: !rxs
let add_to' rxs x =
if x <> dummy then
rxs := [x] :: !rxs
let set_cmd rcmd = String (fun s -> rcmd := Sh s)
let set_build_dir s =
make_links := false;
if Filename.is_relative s then
build_dir := Filename.concat (Sys.getcwd ()) s
build_dir := s
let spec = ref (
"-version", Unit (fun () -> print_endline version; raise Exit_OK), " Display the version";
"-vnum", Unit (fun () -> print_endline Sys.ocaml_version; raise Exit_OK),
" Display the version number";
"-quiet", Unit (fun () -> Log.level := 0), " Make as quiet as possible";
"-verbose", Int (fun i -> Log.level := i + 2), "<level> Set the verbosity level";
"-documentation", Set show_documentation, " Show rules and flags";
"-log", Set_string log_file_internal, "<file> Set log file";
"-no-log", Unit (fun () -> log_file_internal := ""), " No log file";
"-clean", Set must_clean, " Remove build directory and other files, then exit";
"-r", Set recursive, " Traverse directories by default (true: traverse)";
"-I", String (add_to' my_include_dirs), "<path> Add to include directories";
"-Is", String (add_to my_include_dirs), "<path,...> (same as above, but accepts a (comma or blank)-separated list)";
"-X", String (add_to' my_exclude_dirs), "<path> Directory to ignore";
"-Xs", String (add_to my_exclude_dirs), "<path,...> (idem)";
"-lib", String (add_to' ocaml_libs_internal), "<flag> Link to this ocaml library";
"-libs", String (add_to ocaml_libs_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-mod", String (add_to' ocaml_mods_internal), "<module> Link to this ocaml module";
"-mods", String (add_to ocaml_mods_internal), "<module,...> (idem)";
"-pkg", String (add_to' ocaml_pkgs_internal), "<package> Link to this ocaml findlib package";
"-pkgs", String (add_to ocaml_pkgs_internal), "<package,...> (idem)";
"-package", String (add_to' ocaml_pkgs_internal), "<package> (idem)";
"-lflag", String (add_to' ocaml_lflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocamlc link flags";
"-lflags", String (add_to ocaml_lflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-cflag", String (add_to' ocaml_cflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocamlc compile flags";
"-cflags", String (add_to ocaml_cflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-docflag", String (add_to' ocaml_docflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocamldoc flags";
"-docflags", String (add_to ocaml_docflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-yaccflag", String (add_to' ocaml_yaccflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocamlyacc flags";
"-yaccflags", String (add_to ocaml_yaccflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-lexflag", String (add_to' ocaml_lexflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocamllex flags";
"-lexflags", String (add_to ocaml_lexflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-ppflag", String (add_to' ocaml_ppflags_internal), "<flag> Add to ocaml preprocessing flags";
"-pp", String (add_to ocaml_ppflags_internal), "<flag,...> (idem)";
"-tag", String (add_to' tags_internal), "<tag> Add to default tags";
"-tags", String (add_to tags_internal), "<tag,...> (idem)";
"-tag-line", String (add_to' tag_lines_internal), "<tag> Use this line of tags (as in _tags)";
"-show-tags", String (add_to' show_tags_internal), "<path> Show tags that applies on that pathname";
"-ignore", String (add_to ignore_list_internal), "<module,...> Don't try to build these modules";
"-no-links", Clear make_links, " Don't make links of produced final targets";
"-no-skip", Clear ignore_auto, " Don't skip modules that are requested by ocamldep but cannot be built";
"-no-hygiene", Clear hygiene, " Don't apply sanity-check rules";
"-no-plugin", Clear plugin, " Don't build";
"-no-stdlib", Set nostdlib, " Don't ignore stdlib modules";
"-dont-catch-errors", Clear catch_errors, " Don't catch and display exceptions (useful to display the call stack)";
"-just-plugin", Set just_plugin, " Just build";
"-byte-plugin", Clear native_plugin, " Don't use a native plugin but bytecode";
"-plugin-option", String ignore, " Use the option only when plugin is run";
"-sanitization-script", Set_string sanitization_script, " Change the file name for the generated sanitization script";
"-no-sanitize", Clear sanitize, " Do not generate sanitization script";
"-nothing-should-be-rebuilt", Set nothing_should_be_rebuilt, " Fail if something needs to be rebuilt";
"-classic-display", Set Log.classic_display, " Display executed commands the old-fashioned way";
"-use-menhir", Set use_menhir, " Use menhir instead of ocamlyacc";
"-use-jocaml", Unit use_jocaml, " Use jocaml compilers instead of ocaml ones";
"-use-ocamlfind", Set use_ocamlfind, " Use ocamlfind to call ocaml compilers";
"-j", Set_int, "<N> Allow N jobs at once (0 for unlimited)";
"-build-dir", String set_build_dir, "<path> Set build directory (implies no-links)";
"-install-lib-dir", Set_string Ocamlbuild_where.libdir, "<path> Set the install library directory";
"-install-bin-dir", Set_string Ocamlbuild_where.bindir, "<path> Set the install binary directory";
"-where", Unit (fun () -> print_endline !Ocamlbuild_where.libdir; raise Exit_OK), " Display the install library directory";
"-ocamlc", set_cmd ocamlc, "<command> Set the OCaml bytecode compiler";
"-ocamlopt", set_cmd ocamlopt, "<command> Set the OCaml native compiler";
"-ocamldep", set_cmd ocamldep, "<command> Set the OCaml dependency tool";
"-ocamldoc", set_cmd ocamldoc, "<command> Set the OCaml documentation generator";
"-ocamlyacc", set_cmd ocamlyacc, "<command> Set the ocamlyacc tool";
"-menhir", set_cmd ocamlyacc, "<command> Set the menhir tool (use it after -use-menhir)";
"-ocamllex", set_cmd ocamllex, "<command> Set the ocamllex tool";
(* Not set since we perhaps want to replace ocamlmklib *)
(* "-ocamlmklib", set_cmd ocamlmklib, "<command> Set the ocamlmklib tool"; *)
"-ocamlmktop", set_cmd ocamlmktop, "<command> Set the ocamlmktop tool";
"-ocamlrun", set_cmd ocamlrun, "<command> Set the ocamlrun tool";
"--", Rest (fun x -> program_to_execute := true; add_to' program_args_internal x),
" Stop argument processing, remaining arguments are given to the user program";
let add x =
spec := !spec @ [x]
let targets = ref []
let ocaml_libs = ref []
let ocaml_mods = ref []
let ocaml_pkgs = ref []
let ocaml_lflags = ref []
let ocaml_cflags = ref []
let ocaml_ppflags = ref []
let ocaml_docflags = ref []
let ocaml_yaccflags = ref []
let ocaml_lexflags = ref []
let program_args = ref []
let ignore_list = ref []
let tags = ref []
let tag_lines = ref []
let show_tags = ref []
let init () =
let anon_fun = add_to' targets_internal in
let usage_msg = sprintf "Usage %s [options] <target>" Sys.argv.(0) in
let argv' = Array.concat [Sys.argv; [|dummy|]] in
parse_argv argv' !spec anon_fun usage_msg;
Shell.mkdir_p !build_dir;
let () =
let log = !log_file_internal in
if log = "" then Log.init None
else if not (Filename.is_implicit log) then
(sprintf "Bad log file name: the file name must be implicit (not %S)" log)
let log = filename_concat !build_dir log in
Shell.mkdir_p (Filename.dirname log);
Shell.rm_f log;
let log = if !Log.level > 0 then Some log else None in
Log.init log
if !use_ocamlfind then begin
(* TODO: warning message when using an option such as -ocamlc *)
(* Note that plugins can still modify these variables After_options.
This design decision can easily be changed. *)
ocamlc := ocamlfind & A"ocamlc";
ocamlopt := ocamlfind & A"ocamlopt";
ocamldep := ocamlfind & A"ocamldep";
ocamldoc := ocamlfind & A"ocamldoc";
ocamlmktop := ocamlfind & A"ocamlmktop";
let reorder x y = x := !x @ (List.concat (List.rev !y)) in
reorder targets targets_internal;
reorder ocaml_libs ocaml_libs_internal;
reorder ocaml_mods ocaml_mods_internal;
reorder ocaml_pkgs ocaml_pkgs_internal;
reorder ocaml_cflags ocaml_cflags_internal;
reorder ocaml_lflags ocaml_lflags_internal;
reorder ocaml_ppflags ocaml_ppflags_internal;
reorder ocaml_docflags ocaml_docflags_internal;
reorder ocaml_yaccflags ocaml_yaccflags_internal;
reorder ocaml_lexflags ocaml_lexflags_internal;
reorder program_args program_args_internal;
reorder tags tags_internal;
reorder tag_lines tag_lines_internal;
reorder ignore_list ignore_list_internal;
reorder show_tags show_tags_internal;
let check_dir dir =
if Filename.is_implicit dir then
sys_file_exists dir
(sprintf "Included or excluded directories must be implicit (not %S)" dir)
let dir_reorder my dir =
let d = !dir in
reorder dir my;
dir := List.filter check_dir (!dir @ d)
dir_reorder my_include_dirs include_dirs;
dir_reorder my_exclude_dirs exclude_dirs;
ignore_list := String.capitalize !ignore_list