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common.cmi : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi
compact.cmi : lexgen.cmi
cset.cmi :
lexer.cmi : parser.cmi
lexgen.cmi : syntax.cmi
output.cmi : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi compact.cmi common.cmi
outputbis.cmi : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi common.cmi
parser.cmi : syntax.cmi
syntax.cmi : cset.cmi
table.cmi :
common.cmo : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi common.cmi
common.cmx : syntax.cmx lexgen.cmx common.cmi
compact.cmo : table.cmi lexgen.cmi compact.cmi
compact.cmx : table.cmx lexgen.cmx compact.cmi
cset.cmo : cset.cmi
cset.cmx : cset.cmi
lexer.cmo : syntax.cmi parser.cmi lexer.cmi
lexer.cmx : syntax.cmx parser.cmx lexer.cmi
lexgen.cmo : table.cmi syntax.cmi cset.cmi lexgen.cmi
lexgen.cmx : table.cmx syntax.cmx cset.cmx lexgen.cmi
main.cmo : syntax.cmi parser.cmi outputbis.cmi output.cmi lexgen.cmi \
lexer.cmi cset.cmi compact.cmi common.cmi
main.cmx : syntax.cmx parser.cmx outputbis.cmx output.cmx lexgen.cmx \
lexer.cmx cset.cmx compact.cmx common.cmx
output.cmo : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi compact.cmi common.cmi output.cmi
output.cmx : syntax.cmx lexgen.cmx compact.cmx common.cmx output.cmi
outputbis.cmo : syntax.cmi lexgen.cmi common.cmi outputbis.cmi
outputbis.cmx : syntax.cmx lexgen.cmx common.cmx outputbis.cmi
parser.cmo : syntax.cmi cset.cmi parser.cmi
parser.cmx : syntax.cmx cset.cmx parser.cmi
syntax.cmo : cset.cmi syntax.cmi
syntax.cmx : cset.cmx syntax.cmi
table.cmo : table.cmi
table.cmx : table.cmi
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