A collection of Python tools, scripts and utilities to make your life easier.
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Python Tools

Made with Python

A collection of Python tools, scripts and utilities to make your life easier.


  1. add_scheme.py - Add scheme to URL if not present.

  2. base64_to_string.py - Decode base64 file to plaintext.

  3. binary_to_decimal.py - Convert Binary to Decimal.

  4. bytes_to_human.py - Convert bytes to a human readable format.

  5. calculate_age.py - Calculate age from date of birth.

  6. convert_pdf.py - Convert PDF file to text or html.

  7. count_characters.py - Count the number of characters in a text file.

  8. count_directories.py - Count number of folders in a diectory recursively.

  9. count_files.py - Count number of files in a directory recursively.

  10. count_vowels.py - Count the number of vowels in a text.

  11. count_words.py - Count the occurrences of each word in a given sentence.

  12. date_format.py - Get format date by language.

  13. decimal_to_binary.py - Convert Decimal to Binary.

  14. decimal_to_hexadecimal.py - Convert Decimal to Hexadecimal.

  15. decimal_to_roman.py - Convert decimal number to roman numerals.

  16. dict_to_xml.py - Convert dict to xml.

  17. download_youtube.py - Download YouTube videos.

  18. email_web_crawler.py - Web crawler for grabbing all emails from a website.

  19. file_dir_exists.py - Check if file or directory exists.

  20. first_last_name.py - Extract the first and last name from a full name.

  21. generate_password.py - Generate a random password.

  22. generate_qrcode.py - Generate a QR Code.

  23. generate_secret_key.py - Generate a flask secret key.

  24. geocode_google.py - Get latitude and longitude from address, using Google Maps Geocoding API.

  25. get_directory_structure.py - Create a dictionary that represents the folder structure of directory.

  26. get_file_size.py - Get size of the file in bytes.

  27. get_geolocation.py - Get geolocation information from IP address or hostname (150 requests per minutes).

  28. hexadecimal_to_decimal.py - Convert Hexadecimal to Decimal.

  29. hexdump.py - Generate hexdump of a binary file.

  30. html_to_pdf.py - Convert HTML to PDF. You can convert a HTML file, HTML string or URL.

  31. is_palindrome.py - Check if string is a Palindrome.

  32. is_prime.py - Check if a number is a prime number.

  33. json_to_yaml.py - Convert JSON to YAML.

  34. link_web_crawler.py - Web crawler for grabbing all links from a website.

  35. list_remove_duplicates.py - Remove duplicates from a list.

  36. md5_file.py - Calculate MD5 Hash of a file.

  37. merge_pdfs.py - Combine multiple pdfs to single pdf.

  38. morse_to_text.py - Convert morse code to text.

  39. my_ip.py - Get your external IP.

  40. nato.py - Convert text to NATO phonetic alphabet.

  41. optimize_image.py - Resize and compress image.

  42. password_strength_check.py - Check the strength of password.

  43. remove_diacritics.py - Remove diacritics from the text.

  44. remove_file_dir.py - Remove a file or directory.

  45. remove_pyc.py - Remove all .pyc files in the path recursively.

  46. reverse.py - Reverse the order of a list or string.

  47. roman_to_decimal.py - Convert roman numerals to decimal number.

  48. seconds_to_human.py - Convert seconds to a human readable format.

  49. send_email.py - Send html or text email.

  50. send_message_telegram.py - Send a message to a telegram user. The token can be generated talking with @BotFather on telegram.

  51. sha256_file.py - Calculate SHA256 Hash of a file.

  52. sqlalchemy_to_dict.py - Convert SQLAlchemy object to dict.

  53. string_to_base64.py - Encode a text file to base64.

  54. svg_to_pdf.py - Convert an SVG image to PDF.

  55. text_to_morse.py - Convert text to morse code.

  56. text_to_speech_offline.py - Convert text to speech offline. It uses different speech engines based on your operating system.

  57. text_to_speech_online.py - Convert text to speech using Google Translate’s and save in mp3. Need an internet connection.

  58. unzip_file.py - Unzip file.

  59. url_shortener.py - Create a shortened URL with TinyURL.

  60. valid_email.py - Check for a valid email address.

  61. valid_ip.py - Check if IP address is valid.

  62. whois.py - Get WHOIS from IP address or hostname.

  63. xml_to_dict.py - Convert xml to dict.

  64. yaml_to_json.py - Convert YAML to JSON.

  65. zip_file.py - Create a zip file.


Any help in testing, development, documentation and other tasks is highly appreciated and useful to the project. For more details, read our Contributing Guide to see how you can help.


Python Tools is licensed under the terms of the MIT License (see the file LICENSE).