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The missing Micro builder for Now 2.0
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Now Micro

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Proper Micro builder for Now 2.0


As of now, @now/node lambdas resemble a lot a Micro environment, but it is just not that, which causes quite a lot of unexpected results.


yarn add now-micro micro

Gotcha: so far we found no way to inject micro dependency during the build process, so it MUST be a dependency of your lambda, thus why we added it to the above command ;)


Use now-micro in your builders on now.json:

  "version": 2,
  "builds": [{ "src": "file.js", "use": "now-micro" }]

Develop your lambdas as a fully Micro compatible function:

// ex. showing async usage and value returning (no res.end):
module.exports = async req => Promise.resolve(`Some result`)
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