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A mootools plugin that provides Zend_Form styled errors with Form.Validator
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This really simple plugin provide "out of the box" Zend_Form-like errors, using a ul.errors element containing li with error messages. The first purpose of this plugin is to make easyer the use of Mootools Validator with a Zend_Form, without changing default decorators.

You can also use this plugin to simply display errors in ul-li, or every other tag you want.

How to use

Using this plugin is really easy, just like Form.Validator : new Form.Validator.List(formElement, options);


  • All the Form.Validator options, plus
  • containerClass - string, defaults to 'errors', the container's class name.
  • containerTag - string, defaults to 'ul', the container's tag.
  • elementTag - string, defaults to 'li', the element's tags nested into the container.

With default values, an error will be displayed like this :

  • My first error message
  • My seconde error message
  • And so on...

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