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Some of the main configuration files I use on my work MacBook
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Some of the miscellaneous configuration files I use on my work MacBook.

This repo contains the following config files:

  • Karabiner key mapping configuration

    I have a lot of muscle memory from using Windows and Linux OSs and keyboards, and this makes it a lot easier.

    Although I previously remapped some of the modifer keys using the native MacOS Preferences interface, I now have implemented almost everything in my Karabiner configuration.

    • On my Windows keyboard, I have the modifier keys (Ctrl ⊞ Win Alt) remapped as the following:

      Physical keyboard key Mapped to MacOS...
      Ctrl ⌘ Command
      ⊞ Win ⌥ Option
      Alt ^ Control
    • On the built-in MacBook keyboard, I have the modifier keys (fn ^ Control ⌥ Option ⌘ Command) remapped as the following:

      Physical keyboard key Mapped to MacOS...
      fn ⌘ Command
      ^ Control fn
      ⌥ Option ⌥ Option
      ⌘ Command ^ Control

    I also have a few key extra combination shortcuts that do special things. For example, ⌥ Option(mapped)+Tab opens MacOS Mission Control, and a single press on ⌥ Option(mapped) is mapped to the keyboard shortcut to open Alfred.

    This karabiner/ directory is symlinked from ~/.config/karabiner.

  • MacOS key bindings for text navigation

    In addition to the above Karabiner settings to change keys, I also have changed some of the default MacOS keybindings to make keyboard text navigation behave more like Windows.

    This includes changing the behaviour of the Home and End keys to respectively move the cursor to the beginning and end of a line (and using Shift to select the text if desired).

    Also, I have swapped the ⌘ Command/⌥ Option+ arrow keys behaviour: ⌘ Command(mapped)+/ now moves the cursor between words, and ⌥ Option(mapped)+/ moves to the start/end of a line (and Shift with both sets to select the text, if desired).

    This seems to work everywhere in MacOS, except some text editors, like Atom. Atom has its own keymap, so I have also had to replicate this behaviour in the Atom keymap settings.

  • iTerm2 configuration

    Especially for the colour palette that I really got used to when using Fedora, as well as some key mappings (as iTerm2 doesn't recognise/respect most custom DefaultKeyBinding.dict settings).

    Set the iTerm configuration to this file in iTerm2 > Preferences > General > Preferences > Load preferences from a custom folder or URL

  • Atom configuration

    The files that control the majority of my Atom editor's configuration.

    These files are symlinked from ~/.atom/

  • Firefox

    Mainly just userChrome.css, this configures some minor (mainly font) changes in the Firefox UI, aka the 'chrome'. The user profile location on macOS is ~/Library/Application Support/Firefox/Profiles/xxxxxxxx.default.

  • Some other minor settings:

    • I use uBar as a Windows-like taskbar, so I have the MacOS Dock set to autohide on the right of the screen. This command sets the Dock to be less sensitive to appear, so it's less prone to accidental activation when I move the cursor near the right edge of the screen.

      defaults write autohide-delay -float 0.20
      killall Dock
  • For my Zsh shell configuration, see its own specific repo.

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