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Lucas' .zshrc file and oh-my-zsh config and theme. Includes custom git aliases and git prompt.
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Lucas' Zsh config

This is my Zsh configuration. Feel free to clone/copy and reuse.

In August 2019, I migrated my work MacBook over to use Zsh (with oh-my-zsh) as my default shell. This repo contains the configuration I use, which as much as possible aims to mirror and enhance my previous bash configuration.

The main files that do the work are:

  • .zshrc: Contains the templated oh-my-zsh options (mostly commented out), and also my custom git aliases and other miscellaneous functions.
  • zshscripts/themes/p10k-lucas.zsh: My custom powerlevel10k theme file. Powerlevel10k and this theme file are sourced in .zshrc. This theme uses glyphs that require a Nerd Fonts-patched font in your terminal.

I use the following scripts, which are stored in zshscripts/ and are ignored in this repository. You can download/clone them from their own respective repos:

Also included in this repo are the files for my old and briefly-used oh-my-zsh theme.

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