This code has base on a code made by Mathy Vanhoef ( Please, take a look on Enjoy!
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This code only works with clients that install the all-zero TK in a KraCK attack! Please, use this tool to verify if the client is vunarable to the attack.

Environment tested

This code was tested with the following equipaments:

  • Attacker:

    • Sony Vaio SVT13134CXS
    • SO: Kali Linux
    • Wi-Fi NIC: Qualcomm Atheros AR9485. Driver: ath9k
    • Wi-Fi usb adapter: TP-LINK TL-WN727N. Driver: mt7601u
    • Android smartphone connected via usb to provide 3g internet
  • Client Attacked:

    • Sony Vaio VGN-FW370J
    • SO: Ubuntu 17.10
    • wpa_supplicant v2.4 (2.4-0ubuntu6 am64)
  • Access Point:

    • D-Link DIR-809
    • Hardware Version: A2
    • Firmware Version: 1.08
    • Configured with 50% TX power and channel 1


Install the following dependencies on Kali Linux:

$sudo apt update
$sudo apt install libnl-3-dev libnl-genl-3-dev pkg-config libssl-dev net-tools git sysfsutils python-scapy python-pycryptodome

Install the following python package:

$pip install --user mitm_channel_based

Then disable hardware encryption using the script ./ It's recommended to reboot after executing this script. After plugging in your Wi-Fi NIC, use systool -vm ath9k_htc or similar to confirm the nohwcript/.. param has been set.

Tool usage

Below, I show an example of tool command line usage and then explain the arguments:

$sudo ./krackattack/ wlan1 wlan0 usb0 "Familia Couto" -t 00:21:5d:ea:fe:be
  • wlan1: interface that listens and injects packets on the real channel
  • wlan0: interface that runs the Rogue AP
  • usb0: interface in which is provided internet access
  • "Familia Couto": SSID of the target network
  • -t 00:21:5d:ea:fe:be: MAC address of the attacked client
  • You can see many other options running ./krackattack/ -h!


  • Remember to disable the Wi-Fi before running the script!
  • After disabling the Wi-Fi, run the command: $rfkill unblock wifi!

Files Generated

After running the script for the first time, some new files will be generated:

  • dnsmasq.conf: configuration file for DHCP and DNS services
  • dnsmasq_log: output from dnsmasq
  • hostapd_rogue.conf: configuration file for the rogue ap clone from the real ap
  • hostapd_rogue.log: output from hostapd_rogue
  • rogue_ap_capture.pcap: file containing packets capture from the rogue ap interface

Demostration Video

The following link contains a video that demonstrate this attack: demostration video