web2py plugin to generate PDF reports
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web2py-appreport is a plugin for web2py, it was designed to help the generation of PDF reports.




  • Updated appreport module, because was included a new engine (called Pisa) to build the PDF documents, for more information visit: http://www.xhtml2pdf.com/
  • Changed de helper REPORT to set default Pisa as engine to build PDF documents.
  • Included a example to create complex reports, rendering a web2py views in PDF document, using the appreport plugin.


  • Updated appreport lib to version v0.1.0, and moved to this project modules and classes specific of web2py framework.
  • Implemented news helpers REPORTPISA and REPORTPYFPDF.
  • Added a new example to remote reports using xmlrpc.
  • Changed structure of plugin in directory modules/plugin_appreport, and more updates.