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Trissa is a modification of the well known tic-tac-toe game. You have a NxNxN board to play. As an example, in the image above there’s a “4 × 4 × 4” game that was constructed at University of Sao Paulo – Brazil. You can view more details about it here.

The aim of this project is to implement a 3D computer game such that it’s possible to play against an algorithm or another person. The following type of games are supported:

  • Computer x Computer;
  • Computer x Human;
  • Human x Human;

Also Trissa is made in a modular manner. It’s very easy to create another Player algorithm. By now, the following Players are made:

  • RandomPlayer: it plays in a random position of the board;
  • MinmaxPlayer: it uses the well known MinMax algorithm to choose a position in the board;
  • HumanPlayer: it uses the standard inputs (mouse/keyboard) so the user can select a position to play into.

There’s not only a 3D interface, but also a 2D text one, if you’d like to play the hard way. The 3D interface uses Ogre3D library, and OIS as input/output system: .

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