Capby is a C/Ruby wrapper for the libpcap library.
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== About ==

Capby is a C/Ruby wrapper for the libpcap library. It also uses libdnet if
present on the system.  Capby provides a simple yet powerful interface to sniff
and inject raw data packets on network interfaces with high time control
accuracy. Moreover, Capby is portable and should work anywhere where libpcap
and Ruby both run.

== Usage ==

require 'rubygems' # depends on your install
require 'capby'
include Capby

* Listing the devices.

	devices = Device.all
	devices.each do |dev|
	  str =
          str << ' (loopback)' if d.loopback?
	  str << ": #{d.desc}\n"
	  puts str

* Online use (sniffing on a network interface.)

	dev = devices.find{|d| =~ /eth\d+/}
	cap =

* Offline use (reading a .pcap file.)

	cap ='capture.pcap')

* Setting a tcpdump filter.
	cap.filter = 'tcp'

* Setting the direction of the capture.

	cap.direction = :both # or :in, or :out

* Blocking to non-blocking.

	cap.blocking = true # or false

* Sniffing packets.

	# next 10 packets (if in blocking mode)
	cap.each(10) {|pkt| p pkt}

* Injection.

	pkt ="hello world") # => "hello world\0x00and folks" # raw string, even with '\0' in it 
	pkt.before_delay = 100 # wait 100ms before actually sending the packet
	pkt.after_delay = 100 # wait 100ms after actually sending the packet

* More in the examples directory.

== Tested versions and platforms ==

Linux - Ruby 1.9
Linux - Ruby 1.8
Win32 - Ruby 1.9
Win32 - Ruby 1.8

== Installation ==

* Creating the gem.
	$ rake gem
	# sudo gem install ./ext/capby-<version>.gem

* Installing manually.
	$ cd ./ext
	$ ruby extconf.rb
	$ make 
	# make install 

NB: for windows, we ship the binary with the gem, whereas, we do not for linux