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My MIT SuperUROP project: Automatic Least-Effort Contextual Learning.

Install and Build

Install rust (with rustup), clone the repo, and build.

# install rust (using rustup)
$ curl -sSf | sh
# clone this repo
$ git clone
# build
$ cargo build


We are using the EC algorithm with primitives designed for string transformation, implemented at lucasem/ec.

The easiest way to run this is to place the ec binary in the root directory of this project, and to use cargo run from the project root:

# start from this project's root directory.
# clone, build, and copy ec:
$ git clone ec-repo
$ cd ec-repo
$ make && cp ec ../ec
$ cd ..
# run
$ cargo run

For more customization, you can have the $EC environment variable point to the ec binary and the $EC_CURRICULUM environment variable point to a directory with similar structure to ./curriculum/ec.