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Upload files to your preferred Slack channels using CLI or pipe in stdin
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Upload files to your preferred Slack channels using CLI or pipe in stdin

Download Binaries


-channels string
        Comma-separated list of channel names or IDs where the file will be shared (required)
-comment string
    A comment introducing the file to the specified channels (optional)
-file string
    The file you want to upload (optional)
-token string
    Authentication token bearing required scopes (required)

Upload a file to your Slack channel

slackify -channels devops \
   -file ./elastic-metrics.png \
   -comment "Hi crew, this is the actual report about app indices"

Pipe in stdin (linux example):

ps -a | slackify -channels devops

Pipe in stdin (windows example):

tasklist | slackify -channels devops

Authentication token bearing required scopes

This is the most important parameter and it's mandatory.

Follow this steps to obtain your access token

  1. Open the Slack Api App link and hit the Create New App button
  2. Go to section Add features and functionality, select and create a new Bots
  3. Then select Permissions and choose bot permission scopes
  4. Install the newly created app to your workspace

Go to the OAuth & Permissions page and you will find your Bot User OAuth Access Token

  • it starts with the prefix xoxb-

Once you have the access token you can pass it to slackify in two ways:

  • define an environment variable SLACKIFY_APP_TOKEN

    • windows (powershell): $env:SLACKIFY_APP_TOKEN="xoxb-.............."
    • linux/osx : export SLACKIFY_APP_TOKEN=xoxb-..............
  • pass it to slackify as parameter

    • option: --token="xoxb-................"

Download Binaries

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