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;;; Compiled by lucashungaro@IronMan on Fri Jan 7 02:38:19 2011
;;; from file /Users/lucashungaro/.emacs.d/dominating-file.el
;;; in Emacs version 23.2.1
;;; with all optimizations.
;;; This file uses dynamic docstrings, first added in Emacs 19.29.
;;; This file does not contain utf-8 non-ASCII characters,
;;; and so can be loaded in Emacs versions earlier than 23.
(byte-code "\301\302!\204\303\302\304\"\210\305B\306\305!\204\307\305\310\"\210\311\312!\207" [current-load-list functionp locate-dominating-file defalias #[(file name) "\306!\307\307\211\f\204@\203@\310 \"\204@\311\312 \"!\211\203-\211\202 \211\313\314!!\211\232\203\f\307\202\f\f,\207" [file try user prev-file root locate-dominating-stop-dir-regexp abbreviate-file-name nil string-match file-exists-p expand-file-name file-name-directory directory-file-name name] 5 "Look up the directory hierarchy from FILE for a file named NAME.\nStop at the first parent directory containing a file NAME,\nand return the directory. Return nil if not found."] locate-dominating-stop-dir-regexp default-boundp set-default "\\`\\(?:[\\/][\\/][^\\/]+\\|/\\(?:net\\|afs\\|\\.\\.\\.\\)/\\)\\'" provide dominating-file] 3)