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;; --------------------------------------------------------
;; nice little alternative visual bell; Miles Bader <miles /at/>
(defcustom echo-area-bell-string "*DING* " ;"♪"
"Message displayed in mode-line by `echo-area-bell' function."
:group 'user)
(defcustom echo-area-bell-delay 0.1
"Number of seconds `echo-area-bell' displays its message."
:group 'user)
;; internal variables
(defvar echo-area-bell-cached-string nil)
(defvar echo-area-bell-propertized-string nil)
(defun echo-area-bell ()
"Briefly display a highlighted message in the echo-area.
The string displayed is the value of `echo-area-bell-string',
with a red background; the background highlighting extends to the
right margin. The string is displayed for `echo-area-bell-delay'
This function is intended to be used as a value of `ring-bell-function'."
(unless (equal echo-area-bell-string echo-area-bell-cached-string)
(setq echo-area-bell-propertized-string
`(space :align-to (- right ,(+ 2 (length echo-area-bell-string)))))
'face '(:background "white")))
(setq echo-area-bell-cached-string echo-area-bell-string))
(message echo-area-bell-propertized-string)
(sit-for echo-area-bell-delay)
(message ""))
(setq ring-bell-function 'echo-area-bell)