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;;; Compiled by lucashungaro@IronMan on Mon Jan 17 19:25:19 2011
;;; from file /Users/lucashungaro/.emacs.d/visual-bell.el
;;; in Emacs version 23.2.1
;;; with all optimizations.
;;; This file uses dynamic docstrings, first added in Emacs 19.29.
;;; This file does not contain utf-8 non-ASCII characters,
;;; and so can be loaded in Emacs versions earlier than 23.
#@62 Message displayed in mode-line by `echo-area-bell' function.
(custom-declare-variable 'echo-area-bell-string '"*DING* " '(#$ . 520) :group 'user)
#@58 Number of seconds `echo-area-bell' displays its message.
(custom-declare-variable 'echo-area-bell-delay '0.1 '(#$ . 672) :group 'user)
(byte-code "\301B\302\301!\204\303\301\304\"\210\305B\302\305!\204\303\305\304\"\210\304\207" [current-load-list echo-area-bell-cached-string default-boundp set-default nil echo-area-bell-propertized-string] 3)
#@353 Briefly display a highlighted message in the echo-area.
The string displayed is the value of `echo-area-bell-string',
with a red background; the background highlighting extends to the
right margin. The string is displayed for `echo-area-bell-delay'
This function is intended to be used as a value of `ring-bell-function'.
(defalias 'echo-area-bell #[nil " \232\204\304\211\305\306\307\310\311\312\313G\\EE#P\314\315#\316\n!\210\317 !\210\316\320!\207" [echo-area-bell-string echo-area-bell-cached-string echo-area-bell-propertized-string echo-area-bell-delay propertize "x" display space :align-to - right 2 face (:background "white") message sit-for ""] 10 (#$ . 1033)])
(byte-code "\301\211\207" [ring-bell-function echo-area-bell] 2)
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