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pip install --upgrade pip
git clone
cd word_cloud && pip install -e .
cp ~/word_cloud/*clouds.ipynb ~/work/Example_word_clouds.ipynb
pip install plotly 
pip install matplotlib_venn
pip install cufflinks
pip install gender-guesser
pip install -U nltk
# apparently the base image already contain ipywidgets
#pip install ipywidgets
pip install pyarrow
# word_cloud has a fixed dependency on an older version of pandas - and when installed will overwrite the current one that comes in the Docker image
# here I am force installing the latest pandas - required by the widgets notebook; word_cloud will still work
pip install --upgrade pandas
# apparently the base image already contain ipywidgets
#jupyter nbextension enable --py widgetsnbextension
# perhaps clone a github repo into /home/jovyan/work
cd ~/work
git clone
# adding notebook to play with ipywidgets
git clone
cp -R Data-Analysis/widgets ~/work
mkdir temp
cd temp
# next follows a round about way to get a single file into the running container
git clone
mv katacoda-scenarios/jupyter-notebook/assets/introPythonForDataAnalysis.ipynb ~/work
# clone the data wrangling workshop github repo
git clone
# then move folder CaseOfOracleOpenWorld2018 under ~/work
mv DataAnalytics--IntroductionDataWrangling-JupyterNotebooks/CaseOfOracleOpenWorld2018 ~/work
cd ~/work
rm -Rf temp