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Merb Sequel Stack

This gem provides a stack of Sequel, Rspec, JQuery, along with Merb-Auth.

To use, install the gem and simply choose 'sequel-app' from the list of merb-gen options:

~/git/merb-sequel-stack (master)$ merb-gen Usage: merb-gen generator_name [options] [args]

Generate components for your application or entirely new applications.

Available generators app Generates a new "jump start" Merb application with support for DataMapper, ar-app This generates a "prepackaged" (or "opinionated") Merb application that uses ActiveRecord, controller Generates a new controller. core Generates a new Merb application with Ruby on Rails like structure. flat Generates a new flat Merb application: all code in one file except for config files and helper Generates a new helper. layout Generates a new layout. mailer Generates a mailer merb_story_setup Generates setup code for plain text stories migration Generates a new database migration. model Generates a new model. You can specify an ORM different from what the rest part Generates a new part controller. plugin Generates a new Merb plugin. resource Generates a new resource. resource_controller Generates a new resource controller. sequel-app This generates a "prepackaged" (or "opinionated") Merb application that uses Sequel, ....

This generates your app with certain things configured for you to use Sequel.


I haven't built in thor support for the stack just yet. I think there are going to be some changes to the tasks and will wait until that settles before bringing that change in here.

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