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Boilerplate for a VSTS extension using React and Webpack
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VSTS Extension Boilerplate using React + Webpack

Build Status

This code is a work in progress, there could be a number of bugs in it. If you find anything, please report here.

A simple boilerplate code for the development of a Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) using:

Before you start

There is not a lot of configuration that needs to be done in order to start developing your application:

NPM Install

Simply run npm i on the project folder.

Setting up Environment Variables

    • The account name for your VSTS
    • Eg.: lucaslra
  • PAT

Configure your vss-extension.json file

All the details for your VSTS extension can be found on the vss-extension.json file, and you need to configure it before you really start. You can find the reference for the file here.

The most important part is: generate your own publisher id, otherwise you won't be able to use it. You can find more details on how to do this here.

That is it! You are good to go!

VSTS Extensions

To know more about how to create VSTS (and TFS) extensions, you can follow these links:

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