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Queryable Map

Accompanying blog post here


This is a basic implementation of a Java Collection that allows for efficient retrieval of data by multiple attributes present in the data. Example: take the following User entity Class

public class User {
        private String id;
        private String name;
        private List<String> phones;
        private String country;
    // getters

Here is how to store a collection of Users and then be able to fetch them efficiently either by id, name or by one of their phone numbers:

QueryableMap.Builder<String, User> builder = QueryableMap.newBuilder();
QueryableMap<String, User> map = builder
        .addIndex("name", User::getName)
        .addIndex("phone", User::getPhones)

// insert users
map.put(new User(...));
map.put(new User(...));
map.put(new User(...));

// fetch user by id
User user1 = map.get("1");

// fetch users by name
Collection<User> usersCalledJohn = map.query("name", "John");

// fetch users by name
Collection<User> usersWithPhone1234 = map.query("phone", "1234");
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