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Engage is a CLI for rapid bootstrap to your ruby apps using Git, RVM and Bundler.
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engage is a tiny gem to setup an already existent ruby(or rails) app on your current environment. It expects that you use rvm and git - bundler is supported but not required.


Some common steps to start working on a project (in your company or a open source one) is:

  • Clone it's git repository;
  • Create a new gemset to isolate the project dependencies;
  • Let bundler install all the needed gems.

Engage aims to provide a single command to run all those tasks. All you need to do is provide the project's name and it's git server.


First, you can set your common git servers - the default list include only

engage add

After that you can start a project by just running:

engage init some_project

Behind the curtains, engage will:

  • Prompt the git server to use - either "" or "";
  • Clone the some_project repository form the selected server -;
  • Create a gemset name some_project and a .rvmrc file;
  • Run bundler to install all the dependencies.

Available Commands

engage init [PROJECT] [DIRECTORY]  # init a new project from one of the registered sources
engage add [SOURCE]                # register the given source to `~/.engage.sources`
engage list                        # list all the registered sources
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