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List of more or less usefull tests for Photoshop.

Web and app oriented.

Grids and guides

  • Guideguide : Guides generator, loads of configuration (breakpoints, columns, padding, gutters), exports as png and scss, Photoshop 5+
  • Spectrr : Annotation tool (text, spacing, sizes), Photoshop 6+
  • Gridpak : Guides (as image) generator, easy configuration (breakpoints, columns and padding), exports as png and scss, Photoshop 5+


  • Cut and Slice Me : Exports groups and layers automaticaly (trimed transparent pngs), clever method : add "@" at the end of the name of group you want exported, Photoshop 6+


  • Invision : Very easy, cloud, Photoshop auto slicing and sycing, comments
  • FramerJS : Convenient framework (animation helpers, states machine, coffee or js), Photoshop auto cutting
  • Reflow : Adobe tool, connects to Photoshop, simple prototyping features (multiple page), responsive aware, review in browser, Photoshop CC+


  • Web Zap : Layout builder, text layout builder (multiple font swap), UI builder, Photoshop 6+
  • Velositey : Layout builder, guides nice features, favicon generator