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  • List files and folders
  • Nice layout
  • Password protection:
    • drop a .password file containing the desired password in folders (and subfolders) you want to protect
    • drop a .nopassword file in folders (and subfolders) you want to deprotect (in case of protected parent)
  • Listing protection: drop a .nolist file in folders you want to forbid the listing of
  • Show protection: drop a .noshow file in folders you don't want to appear in their parents
  • Download folder as a zip
  • files in folders are interpreted and displayed on top
  • Shares: expiration, path obfuscation, tracking
  • Tracking: optional tracking


  • Pytohn 3
  • pip install -r _sf/requirements.txt
  • Copy _sf/assets/style.sample.css to _sf/assets/style.css
  • Copy _sf/config/config.sample.json to _sf/config/config.json
  • Drop _sf folder in the root folder you want to expose


  • Edit _sf/config.json
  • Edit _sf/assets/style.css


  • Clean shares
  • Better locks
  • Clean locks
  • Track and clean tracking periodicly to file (and not on the fly)