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stupidCMS is a flat file stupid CMS with nice templating and caching engines.



  • Drop all files (including .htaccess) at the site root
  • Create the file ./config.php and override default config (cf Overridable Configuration)

Stupid Pages (SP)

  • Stupid Pages files extensions is .html
  • In Stupid Pages, paths are relative to the site root
  • To link from a page to another page, use
  • They use the Stupid Micro Templating Engine (SMTE) allowing administrable content declaration

Stupid Micro Templating Engine (SMTE)

  • Administrable contents : {{CNT:content-name}}
  • Administrable files : <img src="{{FILE:file-name.jpg}}"/> or <a href="{{FILE:file-name.pdf}}">the file</a>
  • Include another page in a page : {{INC:page-name-without-html-extension}}
  • Definitions : {{DEF:CONSTANT_NAME}} (for example SITE_URL)
  • If : {{IF:php expression}}content{{EIF}}

Studid Dynamic Page (SDP)

  • Stupid Pages files extensions can be .php
  • In this case the page is a Stupid Dynamic Page (SDP)
  • Custom php scripting can be addded
  • <?php global $stupid;?> must be called to make the stupid engine available
  • Sutpid API available :
    • $stupid->__inc("page-name-without-html-extension")
    • $stupid->__cnt("content-name")
    • $stupid->__file("file-name")
  • No CSPC cache is applied (it is applied only for included contents)

Compiled Stupid Pages Caching (CSPC)

  • Compiled Stupid Pages are cached for performance optimization
  • The cache engine is selectable in /config.php
  • Three engines are available :
    • None cache engine : no cache, all pages and contents are loaded from original files (not recommended)
    • File cache engine : cache files are located in /__cache
    • Redis cache engine : redis port is configurable in ___stupid/libs/stupidDefinitions.php
  • In DEVELOPMENT_MODE, the cache is disabled

Stupid Backend (SB)

  • stupidCMS comes with a stupid backend
  • Open in browser
  • Content editing :
    • Add contents in pages using the SMTE format
    • Run a Scan to populate the backend interface
    • Edit and save contents
    • Tips :
      • Contents are SMTE compatible, which means you can use the SMTE tags
      • Contents can be written in Markdown format :
  • Files editing :
    • Add files in pages using the SMTE format
    • Run a Scan to populate the backend interface
    • Edit and save files
  • Pages editing :
    • All SP and SDP can be edited from the backend
    • Templates can be used for scaffholding (templates are defined in /__templates)
    • /config.php is editable as well
  • Scan :
    • If SMTE administrable content are not visible, run Scan
    • Scan contents scans for contents and files
  • Clear :
    • If new contents or files don't appear, run Clear, to clear the cache
    • In DEVELOPMENT_MODE, cache is disabled, therefore Clear is not needed
  • Clean : TODO

Administration - Overview

  • Pages are created from backend or manually in root folder (html or php)
  • Reference administrable contents of files with {{CNT:the-content-name}} or {{FILE:the-file-name.pdf}}
  • Scan contents in pages, then edit the contents in the backend
  • Contents : edit contents
  • Files : edit files
  • Scan : scan for new contents or files referenced in pages
  • Pages : add or edit pages

Administration - Contents

  • Scan : scan for new files referenced in pages
  • Go to Contents
  • Edit the relevant content
  • Edit one content at the time (the Save button (or ctrl+shift+enter) save only the current content)
  • To use Markdown syntax, the first line of content must be ***

Administration - Files

  • Scan : scan for new files referenced in pages
  • Go to Files
  • Upload the relevant file with the Replace button

Overridable configuration

  • Defined in ___stupid/libs/stupidDefinitions.php
  • DEBUG_MODE (true): displays hints
  • DEVELOPMENT_MODE (false): no cache for easier development
  • ADMIN_PASSWORD ("password"): has to be changed
  • SITE_URL ("http://localhost"): has to be set to the site root url
  • PAGE_404 (false): false or the name of the 404 page (without extension)
  • NO_SCAN_FOLDERS (none): folders not to scan when finding contents and files
  • SMTE_CACHE_ENGINE ("file"): file | redis | none


  • Install composer : curl -sS | php && mv composer.phar /usr/local/bin/composer
  • Install dependencies : cd ___stupid && composer install
  • Underlying cotents in ./__contents
  • Underlying files in ./__files


  • sub folder index
  • guidlines

stupidCMS guidelines