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A simple watchtower service. Heartbeat monitoring + event agregator.

Hearbeat definitions

  • The server is in charge of monitoring services
  • When a service is considered dead, the server then alerts its owner
  • A service is a pulsing agent
  • A pulse is a sign of aliveness
  • When a service pulse the server, it tells him when he will pulse again in the worst case
  • If the service has not pulsed again in time, the server considers the service dead and alerts its owner
  • When a service is no longer required, it must inform the server to avoid a false dead alerts
  • An alert can be a mail, a pushover message, etc.

Event definitions

  • The server is in charge or recieving events
  • When a service sends an event, the server stores it
  • On demand, events can be retrieved for consultation
  • An event is: service + message + level + date of registration


  • HTTP client / server architecture
  • All queries protected by password set in HTTP headers under "password"
  • Heartbeat protocol:
    • Pulse:
      • POST /
      • {"service":"SERVICE_NAME","alertType":"ALERT_TYPE","alertTarget":"TARGET_NAME","nextIn":EXPECTED_NEXT_HEARTBEAT_IN_SECS}
    • Cancel:
      • DELETE /
      • {"service":"SERVICE_NAME"}
    • List:
      • GET /
  • Event protocol:
    • Add:
      • POST /add-event
      • {"service":"SERVICE_NAME", "level":"level", "message":"the message"}
    • List:
      • GET /list-events
      • optional params: service (is), from (above), to (below), level (above), message (contains)


  • ./server
  • python3
  • Dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Config:
    • config/config.json: main config (cp config/sample.json config/config.json)
    • config/server.crt, config/server.key: SSL certificate, used only if SSL activated
  • Datas: data
  • Deploy:
  • Run: python
  • Docker:
    • ./docker
    • Config: place server config files in ./docker/config
    • Interactive: cd docker && tools/dockerBuild && tools/dockerRun
    • Detached: cd docker && tools/dockerBuild && tools/dockerRunDetached

Server GUI


Java Client

  • ./clientJava
  • Java 7+
  • No dependencies
  • Run test:

Python Client

  • ./clientPython
  • python3
  • Dependencies: requests (pip install requests)
  • Run test: python

Javascript client

  • ./clientJavascript
  • client.js is a node module
  • Dependencies: packages.json -> devDependencies (npm install)
  • Run test: node test.js
  • Run test in browser: browserify test.js -o bundle.js and open test.html in browser


  • Self signed: openssl req -x509 -sha256 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout server.key -out server.crt
  • Letsencrypt: TODO


  • Put data writing in a queue
  • Put alert sending in a queue
  • (Way) better events persister