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neiatree is an asset tree processing tool for game development.
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neiatree is an asset tree processing tool for games. Requires Qt 5.4. Change util/nIODefines.h for lower Qt versions.

It has simple support for running jobs in parallel, the number of worker threads is definable the gui. The default is four threads.


This tool works by adding RPT_RULES files in the directories of the source tree. In the spirit of Makefiles, these files describe how to process the source tree it into the destination tree.

Right now the default is to process the "assets-src" dir in the current path into an "assets" directory, also in the current path. Support for command-line arguments coming soon.

RPT_RULES format

An example is available at docs/Example RPT_RULES. But first, read this.

Basic format is:

"REGEX_HERE" TASK_TYPE [arg1] [arg2] ... [argn]

This will select all files for task TASK_TYPE. Files that match more than one regex won't be processed twice. In the future, some tasks might process many files at once, eg. a ZIP task could zip all matching files in one go.


Preceed the task type with a W like this:

W "REGEX_HERE" TASK_TYPE [arg1] [arg2] ... [argn]

to use simpler wildcard matching instead of regexes. Using W "*.*" to match all files in a directory is very useful.


Task types are:

COPY (simple copy)

COPY_REPLACE (copy text files while replacing text

COPY_REGEX_REPLACE (the same, replaces regexps)

EXTERNAL_PROCESS perform a job using an external process, e.g. texture or sound compression

Enter directories recursively with PROCESS_DIR task. Each directory must contain its own "RPT_RULES" file.

Entries named RPT_RULES, Thumbs.db, RPT_CONFIG, RPT_VERSION_CONTROL, and otherwise hidden files are excluded from regex match :)

Any line that is empty, or starts with "#" or "//" will be ignored. Anything before the first quote of the rule's regex will be ignored.

You can create a task type alias by writing the alias, preceded by "@@@", instead of a regex, e.g.:


Then you can write:

"*.tga" S2TC

And it will mean:


This way you can easily create "presets" that you modify once, to affect many files in an automated way. Disabling the version control system or removing destination files might be necessary, because the vcs does not know when an alias has been modified.

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