A server-side mod for Left 4 Dead.
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Apocalypse Mod

Apocalypse Mod is a fully featured server-side mod for Left 4 Dead. It is a redesign of several of the mechanics of the game as well as an implementation of several new mechanics and features. The mod is broken into 4 SourceMod plugins, and some Stripper: Source configuration files

  • ApocalypseMod core plugin
  • Dynamic Director plugin (director.sp)
  • Custom items plugin (customitems.sp
  • Lighting plugin (lightingmod.sp)
  • Stripper:Source global_filters and individual map filters.


To install Apocalypse Mod on your Left 4 Dead server, you will first need to install MetaMod, SourceMod, and Stripper:Source addons on your server.

From there, take the 'build' folder of the Apocalypse Mod Project, and copy it into your left 4 dead server directly, ensuring that the left4dead_dlc3 and left4dead/addons folder match up correctly.

When you start your server, you should see a message in console 'Apocalypse Mod Loaded'.


Apocalypse Mod should work on it's own, without requiring any configuration. There are a few configuration options and commands:

apoc_gore 1 //setting this to zero will turn off extra blood effects

dd_debug 0 //setting this to 1 will print dynamic director debug messages

use_customitem_6 //this command is bound to players '6' key when they connect. Uses custom items (if the player has one)

customitemmenu //this command opens up the custom item selection menu