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Erlang port driver for GeoIP Lite / GeoLite
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Erlang GeoIP Library

An Erlang GeoIP library for the MaxMind data sets.


Add it as a dependancy in your rebar.config:

    {geoip, ".*", {git, "git://", "master"}},

Basic Usage

> Geoip = geoip:new("GeoIP.dat").

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, "").
"United States"

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, <<"">>).

> geoip:delete(Geoip).

The argument passed to new is the location of the MaxMind binary data file. You can download a free to use country level dataset from the MaxMind website.


geoip_server implements a gen_server behaviour for use with supervisors.

> geoip_server:start_link("GeoIP.dat").
{ok, <0.35.0>}

> geoip_server:get_country_by_ip("").
"United States"


In can do over 1,000,000 lookups per second on consumer grade hardware. 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 Macbook Air, 4GB RAM, OS X Lion:

> geoip:benchmark().
100000 lookups for "? GEOIP_STANDARD": (1209 ms) 
100000 lookups for "? GEOIP_CHECK_CACHE": (1232 ms) 
1000000 lookups for "? GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE": (901 ms) 
1000000 lookups for "? GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE bor ? GEOIP_CHECK_CACHE": (925 ms)

Advanced Usage

Invalid IPs return an empty list.

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, "not_an_ip").

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, "360.12.32.1").

Call use_binary to return results as binaries:

> geoip:use_binary(Geoip).

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, "").
<<"United States">>

And use_string to return them as strings again:

> geoip:use_string(Geoip).

> geoip:get_country_by_ip(Geoip, "").
"United States"

The second flag is used to pass flags to the MaxMind C library. The following flags are supported:

  • 0 - GEOIP_STANDARD - Instantiate the C library, and reload the data set, on each call. Slowest, but lowest memory usage.
  • 1 - GEOIP_MEMORY_CACHE - Instantiate the C library once, and use it for each call. Fastest, but highest memory usage. (Default)
  • 2 - GEOIP_CHECK_CACHE - Check whether the dataset has been changed, and reinstantiate if needed on each call. This isn't usually needed unless you are debugging data sets.

    Geoip = geoip:new("GeoIP.dat", 0).



To make the tests run, you need to put the GeoIP.dat file in the root directory.

> geoip:test().
  Test passed.


This uses code from released under the GNU LGPL Version 2.1 license. See COPYING for more details.

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