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The rundown

Two hours to pass with a 66% or more score to attempt 22 questions. For the most part, CKAD is all about efficiency and time management. Questions are not weighted evenly. Exam specifics here.

Training Resources

CKAD Exercises - Dimitris-Ilias Gkanatsios

CKAD Prep Notes - Tom Armstrong

Linux Foundation CKAD Training

Udemy - Mumshad Mannambeth

CKAD Practice Questions - Liptan Biswas

Katacoda - Many other examples on here. This is the generic k8s link

My Notes

Tips and tricks for the exam. Give this one a readthrough right when you get started.

I have attached some more introductory notes into this repo for a couple portions of the curriculum. It should be a good starting point. It tries to incorporate general kubectl usage with the core concepts while diving a bit into specific topics. All examples use kk instead of kubectl


Pod Design

Can I PR?

Please do.

Confidentiality Agreement

CNCF has a confidentiality agreement for the CKA and CKAD, so please do not ask about any specific questions on the exam.