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app #217307 Simple spec for authenticate with facebook.
config #217307 Simple spec for authenticate with facebook.
db #217307 Create UserAccount model.
doc #270619 Setup vcr to log all external API calls in development mode.
lib #217327 Add simple_form and styles for devise / bootstrap.
log Initial commit #217278
public Yet another fix for favico.
spec #217307 Extend request specs.
vendor Initial commit #217278
.gitignore Ignore .yardoc
.rspec #264735 Initial configuration for spork.
.travis.yml Run code coverage on Travis-CI.
.yardopts #265863 Document private and protected methods.
Gemfile Fix VCR logging.
Gemfile.lock Merge branch 'feature-omniauth-facebook' of…
Guardfile #266448 add Guard for admin section. #266489 Update base-app repo.
Rakefile #265863 Better yard configuration. Initial commit #217278

Locomotive, Rails base application

Build status

Base Rails application.

Quick start

Clone application as new project with original repository named base-app

git clone git:// --origin base-app [MY-NEW-PROJECT]

Create your new repo on GitHub and push master into it. Make sure master branch is tracking origin repo.

git remote add origin[MY-GITHUB-ACCOUNT]/[MY-NEW-PROJECT].git
git push -u origin master

Setup configuration files

cp config/database.yml.example config/database.yml

Install gems and enable rvm integration with Bundler (the “bin” directory is added to your path each time you cd into a project directory with binstubs)

bundle install --path vendor --binstubs
chmod +x $rvm_path/hooks/after_cd_bundler

Run migrations and prepare test database

rake db:migrate
rake db:test:prepare

Make sure all tests are green

rspec spec

Optionally you can seed the development database with sample data

rake db:seed

..and finally generate project documentation

bundle exec yard doc

(documentation will be generated in `./tmp/doc' folder)

How to update existing project with new changes from base-app repo

You can fetch latest changes from base-app repository and merge or cherry-pick commits

git fetch base-app
git merge base-app/master

# fix conflicts
# commit
# test

Implemented core features

  • basic users authentication with Devise
  • simple frontend made with twitter bootstrap
  • activeadmin panel with customized section for managing users
  • preconfigured rspec along with factory_girl, capybara and should matchers
  • ready for deploy on heroku (gem: heroku_san)
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