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repository for comp371 final project Fall 2017 Concordia
C++ CMake GLSL
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Modulus Woods

You're a brave Jack-O-Lantern exploring Modulus Woods, a procedurally generated world of curious shrubbery.

Screenshots: Coming Soon

Developed with C++ and OpenGL for macOS, Windows and Linux.


  • Explore an endless world
  • Save and load seeds which will regenerate the world as you last saw it


  • Use WASD or the arrow keys to move the player forward, back, left or right.
  • Click the window with the left mouse button to capture the mouse and enter camera look mode.
  • Move the mouse in camera look mode to rotate about the player and change the forward direction.
  • Press escape to exit camera look mode, and get your mouse back
  • Scroll up to narrow the viewer perspective (zoom in) and scroll down to zoom out.
  • Press the 0 key at any time to print a seed value to the console. You can enter this later to generate a world at the same starting position.
  • Press the grave/backtick button (`) to toggle the visibility of the X, Y and Z axes (hidden by default)


See Building and running the project.



Beyond the C++ standard library this application relies on:

(Following standard setup procedure in a CMake-compatible IDE should fetch all these dependencies for you, so you shouldn't need to download them separately.)

Other help

  • Starter skeleton code adapted from and COMP 371 at Concordia University
  • Cross platform CMake setup created using Hunter
  • Thanks to Adrian Biagioli for discussing the Improved Perlin Noise algorithm in clear terms.
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