A Wordpress Plugin that registers new custom elements for Cornerstone editor
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Custom Cornerstone Elements

A Wordpress Plugin that registers new custom elements for Cornerstone editor. Also includes some example custom elements:

Elements Included:

  • Extended Accordion (standard accordion with some extra fields included in the header)
  • Feature Box (Same as the Feature Box but with custom markup used instead of shortcode)

This is a work in progress by me, and also my first Open Source project, so please give feedback!

I decided to Open Source this because I noticed there's not much of a clear guideline from Themeco about how to create custom elements. Hoping that sharing my examples might help to get a clearer picture, and maybe we can write some documentation around it later too.

Big thanks to the team at X Theme Users (http://xthemeusers.com) for support. Please comment / PR as you like :)

Built from examples given in: https://community.theme.co/kb/cornerstone-introduction/

What are Elements?

When working with the X Theme WP Template, we use the "Cornerstone" plugin for page editing. Instead of writing actual markup, Cornerstone uses UI components called "Elements". It comes with heaps of built in ones that we should try our best to use. But if we did need to make our own, we do it via this repo.


First time use -> This needs to get installed via Wordpress plugins (Appearance > Plugins > Add New). Zip the root directory of this repo and upload it. This basically 'registers' the plugin and connects it with Cornerstone.

While in Development (and adding new elements) -> You can FTP in to the server and replace in the wp-content/plugins/custom-cornerstone-elements directory the base php file (custom-cornerstone-elements.php) that should re-register your new components. You will obviously need to upload the folder of the new components too into the includes folder


Now when you use the Cornerstone Editor, under "Elements" your new elements will be visible