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A collection of Android helper classes and functions in Java.
Forked to add support for authenticated JSON url requests.

Class List

  • - A collection of JSON handling functions. Includes Retrieving JSON from a remote URL.
  • - A generic key/value pait class. Useful for populating Android Spinners.
  • - A collection of static classes for operations I don't have a better home for.
  • - I hate how Toasts in Android are shown sequentially. To prevent this I operate on a single instance of a Toast throughout my apps.
  • - A class that utilizes and delivers Toasts with convenient static functions.
  • - This is a custom AsyncTask for a very common Android problem. I very often need to retrieve JSON from a remote URL, display a ProgressDialog while this occurs, operate on the data when it is returned, and then close the ProgressDialog. With this class that work is reduced down to just a few lines of code.


Coming soon...