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JQuery Slider Plugin
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Coda Slider

A jQuery HTML Content Slider Plugin

Standard Version

Responsive Version Coming Soon


Continuous Sliding
Dynamic Tabs & Arrows
Cross Linking

How to Use

See here for further details.

Install the slider in the head after jQuery.

    <script src="./js/jquery.coda-slider-3.0.js"></script>  

Where the slider-id matches the id of the content, as follows:

      <div class="coda-slider"  id="slider-id">
            <h2 class="title">Panel 1</h2>
            <h2 class="title">Panel 2</h2>

Add as many panels as you like within the <div class="coda-slider id="slider-id"></div>

One Panel:

      <h2 class="title">Panel</h2>

Default Settings

                  autoHeight: true,
      autoHeightEaseDuration: 1500,
      autoHeightEaseFunction: "easeInOutExpo",
                   autoSlide: false,
         autoSliderDirection: 'right',
           autoSlideInterval: 7000,
           autoSlideControls: false,
          autoSlideStartText: 'Start',
           autoSlideStopText: 'Stop',
    autoSlideStopWhenClicked: true,
                  continuous: true,
               dynamicArrows: true,
      dynamicArrowsGraphical: false,
        dynamicArrowLeftText: "&#171; left",
       dynamicArrowRightText: "right &#187;",
                 dynamicTabs: true,
            dynamicTabsAlign: "center",
         dynamicTabsPosition: "top",
            firstPanelToLoad: 1,
          panelTitleSelector: "h2.title",
           slideEaseDuration: 1500,
           slideEaseFunction: "easeInOutExpo"

Version 3.0

Complete rebuild from the bottom up.
Added continuous sliding.
Added graphical arrows.
Small fixes.


Submit bugs here

Maintained by Kevin Batdorf

Released under the GNU General Public License and the MIT License.

Very Special Thanks to:

Niall Doherty, the original creater of the Coda Slider.

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