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<title>Dive Into HTML5</title>
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<h1>Dive Into HTML5</h1>
<h2>by<br>Mark Pilgrim</h2>
<h3>with contributions from the community</h3>
<p class=a>&#x2767;
<p class=f><img src=i/aoc-d.png alt=D width=104 height=105>ive Into <abbr>HTML5</abbr> seeks to elaborate on a hand-picked Selection of features from the <a href=>HTML5</a> specification and other fine Standards. The final manuscript has been published on paper by O&#8217;Reilly, under the Google Press imprint. <a href=";tag=diveintomark-20&amp;creativeASIN=0596806027">Buy the printed Work</a> &mdash; artfully titled &#8220;HTML5: Up <i class=baa>&amp;</i> Running&#8221; &mdash; and be the first in your Community to receive it. Your kind and sincere <a href=about.html>Feedback</a> is always welcome. The Work shall remain online under the <a rel=license href=>CC-BY-3.0</a> License.
A new note about this project.
While Mark Pilgrim has ceased updating Dive Into HTML5, we wish for it to continue to grow.
We're not just patching old links and updating APIs.
We are actively maintaining it; refreshing, updating, and reflecting the relevant and current state of HTML5, just as it had been during Mark's tenure.
We attribute this work in the manner specified by Mark, we've purchased a similar domain, and we make modifications to the site's content.
We do not in any way suggest that he endorses us or our use of his work.
We hope you do.
<h3>Table of Contents</h3>
<!-- toc -->
<li><a href=introduction.html>Introduction: Five Things You Should Know About <abbr>HTML5</abbr></a>
<li><a href=past.html>A Quite Biased History of <abbr>HTML5</abbr></a>
<li><a href=detect.html>Detecting <abbr>HTML5</abbr> Features: It&#8217;s Elementary, My Dear Watson</a>
<li><a href=semantics.html>What Does It All Mean?</a>
<li><a href=canvas.html>Let&#8217;s Call It a Draw(ing Surface)</a>
<li><a href=video.html>Video in a Flash (Without That Other Thing)</a>
<li><a href=geolocation.html>You Are Here (And So Is Everybody Else)</a>
<li><a href=storage.html>A Place To Put Your Stuff</a>
<li><a href=offline.html>Let&#8217;s Take This Offline</a>
<li><a href=forms.html>A Form of Madness</a>
<li><a href=extensibility.html>&#8220;Distributed,&#8221; &#8220;Extensibility,&#8221; And Other Fancy Words</a>
<li><a href=history.html>Manipulating History for Fun <i>&amp;</i> Profit</a>
<li class=app><a href=everything.html>The All-In-One Almost-Alphabetical No-Bullshit Guide to Detecting Everything</a>
<li class=app><a href=peeks-pokes-and-pointers.html><abbr>HTML5</abbr> Peeks, Pokes and Pointers</a>
<!-- /toc -->
<p class=a>&#x2767;
<p class=c>&#8220;If you&#8217;re good at something, never do it for free.&#8221; <span class=u>&mdash;</span><cite>The Joker</cite><br>(but that doesn&#8217;t mean you should keep it to yourself)
<p class=c>Copyright MMIX&ndash;MMXI <a href=about.html>Mark Pilgrim</a>
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