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Eclipse UI Tip of the Day
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Eclipse UI Tips for Android

This Android application helps Eclipse plug-in developers to refresh their knowledge about the best practices for building Eclipse user interface. You can browse through all of the 144 Eclipse UI Guidelines. You can also enable the "tip of the day" feature which shows a random guideline every day as a status bar notification.


Get it on Google Play


  • Minimum version: Android 2.2 (API 8).
  • Permissions: System tools - automatically start at boot.

User Guide

  • Starting the application brings you to the home screen where you can:
    • Browse through all of the guidelines
    • Jump to a random guideline
    • Go to the Eclipse UI Guidelines wiki page
    • Switch on and off the "tip of the day" feature and configure the time to fire.
  • Enabling the "tip of the day" feature triggers a status bar notification with a random UI guideline every day at the configured time.
  • Tapping on the status bar notification opens the full description of the displayed UI guideline.
  • Swiping left and right navigates between the guidelines.

Feedback and support

Use the issue tracking system of github to report bugs or request new features. Code contributions are welcome.


This program is an open source software licensed under the Eclipse Public License.

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