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- fix flaky concurrency test (isolate test JVMs?)
x process subsystem
x send message to 'process'
x balance processes across threadpools
x channel-local memory for serialized channels
- cron/timer process
- software transactional cells with MVCC and failed handlers
- reduce function (foldleft with implicit val)
- Fix error printing, indexOOB exception
- one line web server (loop web.server 8080)
- enumeration type
- hierarchical modules support
x Quicksort
x MergeSort
x Insert Sort
x Djikstra's algroithm
x Djikstra's Shunting Yard
x Ransom Note
x Naive Factorial
- Skyline (range sorting)
- A* pathfinding
- Sieve of Eratosthenes
- Dining Philosophers
- Fan out/fan in (map-reduce)