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# This script can be used to generate PNGs from the SVGs stored in orig/.
# For each SVG in orig/, PNGs will be created in the drawable directories
# for each DPI with the same name as the SVG. If the PNGs already exist
# and are newer than the SVG, they will not be recreated.
# Requires:
# - inkscape
# - imagemagick
# - optipng
gen() {
name=`basename "$1" .svgz`
if [ "$1" -nt "$png" -o ! -e "$png" ]; then
inkscape --without-gui --export-area-page --export-dpi=$3 --export-png="$png" $1
convert -strip "$png" "$png" # strip comments and other metadata
optipng -quiet -o7 "$png" # shrink PNG
for i in orig/*.svgz; do
gen "$i" mdpi 90
gen "$i" hdpi 135
gen "$i" xhdpi 180