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Zeta Code

Go from a 10,000 ft view of the entire project down to any file simply by zooming.

Languages/Frameworks Supported: Java/Maven, Ruby/Gems

  • Java/Maven: Tested on itself
  • Ruby/Gems: Tested on the Rails project


  • right-click anywhere to get the menu
  • click on a node to select it.
  • ctrl-click on a node to open an editor for it.
  • Three different ways of organizing nodes: Bloom, Grid, random
  • Choose any directionality: left-right, down, up, right-left
  • Time-Travel: gource-like animation of commit history (git)
  • Neo-Edit Editor with syntax highlighting and many other features
  • Press F6 in editor for runtime-debugging

Future Plans

  • Support for more languages and frameworks
  • Zoom-in/out using the mouse-wheel
  • Tasks/Working-sets: ability to save a group of files and return to them at any time.
  • Dependencies: Easily manage your dependencies. See which code is using what, and easily search for existing open-source software.
  • History: Forward/Backward history.
  • Testing: Integration with modern testing frameworks like JUnit, TestNG, and spock.
  • Plugins: for version-control, compiling, testing, etc. It will be fully extensible.
  • Docs: ability to quickly see code-documentation by hovering, etc.
  • Call-heirarchy: see the methods called by current method.
  • Refactoring: ability to rename methods, move methods, etc.
  • Preview: show real values in real-time ("coding without blinders")


First you need to compile using Maven.

mvn package

Unzip the zip-with-lib, then you can just run the resulting jar:

cd target/
unzip z-0.1-beta-3-zip-with-lib.zip
java -jar z-0.1-beta-3/z-0.1-beta-3.jar

Known Issues

This code is still in beta, so use with caution. It is not done.


Copyright 2012, Adam L. Davis. All rights reserved. Made Available for use under a BSD-style license. See LICENSE