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Attached file yacy_v1.92_20170504_9199.tar.gz can be used as a YaCy system update (available as "dev 1.92/9199 (unsigned)" in YaCy page : "Dowload System Update" - /ConfigUpdate_p.html) or as a cross-platform binary distribution.

Includes :

  • Bug fixes :
    • Fixed endless loop case in wikicode processing
    • Fixed unresolved_pattern case on missing post parameter api/message.html
    • Fixed surrogates import monitoring page (mantis 740 : http://mantis.tokeek.de/view.php?id=740)
    • Fixed Index Export feature for compatibility with old indexed documents (mantis 682 :
      http://mantis.tokeek.de/view.php?id=682 and issue #116)
    • Copied fix from yacy_grid_parser for wrong array type
    • Fixed blacklist Regex containing '+' characters rendering
  • Enhancements :
    • Activated hosts navigator as a plugin
    • MediaWiki dump import :
      • used a text input for dump file selection
      • improved error reports on various wiki dump import prerequisites failure cases
      • added support for direct import on remote URLs
      • extended WikiCode template inclusion syntax support
      • improved monitoring
      • added the possibility to schedule import
    • Improved support for non ASCII chars in local file system URLs
    • Improved http client close time on stream processing errors
    • Added url input field as source for WarcImporter
    • Took out mailto collected in internal parsed documents
    • Fixed "Unchecked conversion" compilation warnings
    • Crawl results page : apply table lines number limit
    • Improved solr index dump format detection on import
    • Added patch to rewrite altered yacy grid schema into yacy schema
    • Handle '?' and '+' chars as valid wild cards when adding to blacklist.
    • Improved new blacklist entries URL scheme detection
  • New features :
    • new facet using keywords
    • added yacy grid flatjson surrogate parser
    • added a servlet to list users and edit them in quick and easy overview
  • Translation :
    • added missing text from ConfigRobotsTxt_p to master.lng
  • Dependencies upgrades :
    • solr : from 5.5.3 to 5.5.4
    • jwat : from 1.0.4 to 1.0.5
  • Automated tests :
    • Fixed unit test MultiProtocolURL(file) assertion for Windows path with drive letter