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Lucee Redis Cache Extension
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Lucee Redis Cache Extension

The redis driver is based on Jedis. While this is a very robust driver and Redis is amazing this project has to be considered in Beta stage. Please provide your feedback.


Install the extension from the Lucee extension store in Lucee admin. Please note that the extension is installable only in the server admin. This means that is not possible to install it for a single web context.

Create and configure the cache

Create a new cache selecting Redis Cache as Type.

Add some configuration:

  • If you like you can use the driver to store the Session Scope. If this is your intention you can flag "Allow to use this cache as client/session storage."
  • Server/Host => Tells Lucee how to connect to Redis. By default this is set to localhost:6379. Please tune this following your environment's needs. Note that the driver actually support a single Redis Server.
  • Namespace => choose the namespace that will be used to avoid keys name clashing between differents cache instances.

All set. You are done.


  • Metadata:

    • The cache will return only the hits count for any single key.
    • The general counter (missed, hits) for the cache instance itself are not updated
  • idletime: Not supported. Any passed value will be ignored. Timespan is fully supported.

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