Official Lucee Dockerfiles for Docker Hub build images

Dockerfiles for Lucee application servers

Dockerfiles to build Lucee application servers.; used for the official LAS Lucee Docker images.

Lucee Docker images are available on Docker Hub:

Lucee Base Images

Lucee provides a number of different base images for your Lucee project.

Lucee 5.2

Lucee 5.1

Lucee 5.0

Lucee 4.5

Example Project Dockerfile

FROM lucee/lucee51-nginx:latest

# NGINX configs
COPY config/nginx/ /etc/nginx/
# Lucee server configs
COPY config/lucee/ /opt/lucee/web/
# Deploy codebase to container
COPY www /var/www


Java optimisation tweaks

Optimised for single-site application

The default configuration serves a single application for any hostname on the listening port. Multiple applications can be supported by editing the server.xml in the Tomcat config.

Contributing to this Project

The Lucee Dockerfiles project is maintained by the community. Chief protagonist is @modius (Geoff Bowers of Daemon). Bug reports and pull requests are most welcome.

Spinning things up locally

Using the Daemon Docker Workbench provided, or using your own Docker tooling.

These instructions assume you have the parent Workbench up and running:

git clone
cd lucee-dockerfiles
docker-compose up

Containers are forwarded onto the following addresses:

lucee45 -> $ open
lucee50 -> $ open
lucee51 -> $ open
lucee52 -> $ open
nginx45 -> $ open
nginx50 -> $ open
nginx51 -> $ open
nginx52 -> $ open


The Docker files and config files are available under the MIT License. The Lucee engine, Tomcat, NGINX and any other softwares are available under their respective licenses.