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Lucee 5.1 on Tomcat 8-jre8 with nginx

Lucee application engine running on Apache Tomcat J2EE application server and nginx HTTP server.

For latest stable release:

FROM lucee/lucee51-nginx:latest

For a specific version:

FROM lucee/lucee51-nginx:


NGINX web server

  • NGINX web server running with supervisord (to run both NGINX and Tomcat processes)

Java optisation tweaks

Optimised for single-site application

The default configuration serves a single application for any hostname on the listening port. Multiple applications can be supported by editing the server.xml in the Tomcat config.

Session management

The default session type in Lucee is "cfml". This often causes issues for Lucee servers running in Docker containers. If you use CFML sessions you should set the session type to "j2ee" in a Lucee configuration file or Application.cfc.

Using this image

Accessing the service

The default configuration has nginx listening on port 80 and Tomcat listening on port 8888 in the container.

This image exposes ports 80 and 443 (in case you enable SSL in nginx). Note port 8080 is exposed by the Tomcat base image but is not used. You must publish port 8888 if you wish to access Tomcat from outside of the container.

Accessing the Web admin

The Lucee admin URL is /lucee/admin/ from the exposed port. No admin passwords are set.

THIS IS NOT A SECURE CONFIGURATION FOR PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENTS! It is strongly recommended that you secure the container by:

  • Changing the server password
  • Using IP or URL filtering to restrict access to the Web admin
  • Following recommended security practices such as the Lucee Lockdown Guide

Sample CFML page

The default webroot contains a simple "Hello world" index.cfm file which dumps the CFML server scope. This can be replaced with your own CFML code and assets in derived images.

Folder locations

Web root for default site: /var/www

Configuration folders:

  • Tomcat config: /usr/local/tomcat/conf
  • Lucee config for default site: /opt/lucee/web
  • Lucee server context: /opt/lucee/server/lucee-server/context
  • nginx config: /etc/nginx
  • supervisor config: /etc/supervisor

Log folders:

  • Tomcat logs: /usr/local/tomcat/logs
  • Lucee logs for default site: /opt/lucee/web/logs
  • nginx logs: /var/log/nginx
  • supervisor logs: /var/log/supervisor

Environment variables

The default image contains scripts that use the following environment variables if they are set in the container.

LUCEE_JAVA_OPTS: Additional JVM parameters for Tomcat. Used by /usr/local/tomcat/bin/ Default: "-Xms256m -Xmx512m".