Source and build scripts for Lucee's documentation.
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Lucee documentation source and builder

Build Status

This repository contains the source and build scripts for creating Lucee's documentation. The website output of the docs can be found at

Issues can be reported and tracked at

Find out more about the project at:

Build locally


The only dependency required is CommandBox. Ensure that commandbox is installed and that the box command is in your path.

Building the static documentation output

The purpose of the structure of the documentation is to allow a human readable and editable form of documentation that can be built into multiple output formats. At present, we have an "HTML" builder and a "Dash docs" builder, found at ./builders/html and ./builders/dash that will build the documentation website and dash docset respectively. The source of the documentation can be found in the ./docs folder.

To run the build, execute the or build.bat script found in the root of the project, i.e.


Once this has finished, you should find ./builds/html and ./builds/dash directories with the website content / dash docsets built.

Running a server locally

We have provided a utility server who's purpose is to run locally to help while developing/writing the documentation. To start it up, execute the or serve.bat script found in the root of the project, i.e.


This will spin up a server using CommandBox on port 4040 and open it in your browser. You should also see a tray icon that will allow you to stop the server. Changes to the source docs should trigger an internal rebuild of the documentation tree which may take a little longer than regular requests to the documentation.

When running locally there are the following urls available


There is a lot of work to do and we appreciate contribution in all forms. The issues list can be found and expanded upon here:

Ask questions or post suggestions over on the Lucee mailing List under the documentation category.

More information on how the documentation is built and formatted can be found at

The workflow for contributions would be:

Raise issues and suggestions

Issues and suggestions are always welcome (though pull requests are preferred!). Please use the issue tracker:


The project is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.