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Easily package your PowerShell or batch scripts into EXEs and embed resource files.

Some day, when I have spare time, I'll refactor all this to use proper MVVM architecture. Maybe even throw in some unit tests. But until then, I know it's bad. I was but a wee little programmer back when I created this.


  • After installing Make-EXE, there should be a "Make EXE" option when right-clicking PS1 or BAT files.
    • If the option is missing, reset your program defaults and reinstall Make-EXE.
    • To reset program defaults in Windows 10, go to Settings - System - Default apps. The Reset button is at the bottom.
  • You can also use Make-EXE from the command line (options below).
  • The EXE will be created in the same directory as the script.
  • If Save Config is checked, a file named "AssemblyInfo.json" will be created in the same directory as your script. This will be used for future builds to preload the assembly information.

Embedding Files:

When compiling a script to EXE, you'll be asked if you want to embed files into the EXE. This will allow you to include data files and other resources that your script calls.

If you select yes, all files in the same directory as the script file will be included (no subdirectories). When the EXE is run, the embedded files will be availabe. Your script must call these files from the current working directory. Do not change your working directory within the script if you wish to call these files afterward.


You can set a custom icon for your EXE by putting the ICO file in the same directory as your script and choosing yes to embed files. Make sure there aren't other files in the script's directory if you don't want to embed them!

Command Line Arguments:

Syntax: make-exe.exe [-file (path)] [-silent] [-embed] [-redirect]

-file The full path to the PS1 or BAT file to be packaged. Use quotes if there are spaces.
-silent Silently package without any prompts.
-embed Used with silent option to embed sibling files.
-redirect Redirects all output from the script process to the calling EXE process when it is run.


Easily package your PowerShell and batch scripts into EXEs and embed data files (C# WPF)






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