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Compilation instructions for Aeskulap on MINGW32
This document describes the cross-compilation process
from Linux for Windows using the MINGW32 cross-compiler.
First you have to install the MINGW32 cross-compiler:
I did this under Debian and Ubuntu where the mingw32 package is available.
TODO - instructions for other distributions
Get the DCMTK binaries for MINGW32:
Download the binary package from:
Unzip the package into the /usr/mingw32 directory (has to be created first).
Get the GKTMM development environment for MINGW32:
Download the package from:
Unzip contents of the GTK dir (inside the package) into the /usr/mingw32 directory.
Create the pkg-config environment:
Paste the following script into /usr/bin/i586-mingw32msvc-pkg-config
and make it executable:
output=`PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR=${prefix}/lib/pkgconfig /usr/bin/pkg-config "$@"`
echo -n ${output} | sed -e "s|-\([IL]\)${oldprefix}|\-\1${prefix}|g"
exit $result
Get the Aeskulap sources from CVS:
cvs -z3 co aeskulap
Compile the sources:
cd aeskulap
After that you may install the binary with:
make install (as root)
make install-strip (as root)
This will strip all debugging information and dramatically reduce the size of the binary.