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Signed-off-by: Lucian Adrian Grijincu <>


FONTLOG for Cantarell beta release

This file provides detailed information on the Cantarell font
software. This information should be distributed along with the
Cantarell fonts and any derivative works.

Font Information

The Cantarell typeface family was designed during my study of MA
Typeface Design [1] in the Department of Typography at the University
of Reading (UK). Its homepage is 

The typeface is designed as a contemporary Humanist sans serif, and
was developed for on-screen reading; in particular, reading web pages
on an HTC Dream mobile phone [2].

That device runs Google Android [3], and therefore has a web browser
supporting the exciting new web fonts feature known as @font-face
[4]. As my very first typeface design, the typeface has many faults,
yet it achieves the goal of improving readability on this device.

Each font file currently contains 391 glyphs, and fully support the
following writing systems: Basic Latin, Western European, Catalan,
Baltic, Turkish, Central European, Dutch and Afrikaans. To date, Pan
African Latin has only 33% glyph coverage.

Since the design is aimed at display on-screen at small sizes, the
printed output (especially of the bold and oblique) may not work
well. I hope to publish a set of fonts tuned to the needs of printing
in the future.

This highlights my motivation for undertaking a study of typeface
design: I believe it is essential that when we use digital tools, our
freedom to use, understand, modify and share these tools is
respected. Otherwise, when the tool does not work in the way that we
need, we will be unable to fix it.

These fonts were developed using only such software, mainly FontForge

If you like this typeface and would like to support its continuing 
development, you can buy a subscription at £5/month:

Comments are most welcome –

- Dave Crossland, 6th July 2009


                                  * * * 

This ZIP files contains the TTF fonts you can use on your desktop, and
the source files you can modify. You may upload these fonts to your 
website, and for that I include EOT files for compatibility with 
Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Simply add the following lines to your CSS stylesheets, and place the
EOT and TTF files in the same directory:

/* Just add the "cantarell" class to HTML elements you wish to use this typeface */
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Regular.eot");}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Oblique.eot"); font-style:italic;}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Bold.eot"); font-weight:bold;}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-BoldOblique.eot"); font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Regular.ttf");}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Oblique.ttf"); font-style:italic;}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-Bold.ttf"); font-weight:bold;}
@font-face {font-family:Cantarell; src:url("Cantarell-BoldOblique.ttf"); font-weight:bold; font-style:italic;}
.cantarell {font-family:Cantarell, sans-serif; line-height:1.8em;}

NOTE: You can significantly speed up your page loading times by only 
including the Regular font. Web browsers will generate bold and 
oblique members of the typeface family from the regular when they are 
needed. This does not work as well for serif designs, but is fine 
for a sans serif typeface like Cantarell.

The original Spiro source file is the _master_ source, and from it 
the other files in the family were generated; the regular by 
converting the Spiro curves to PostScript cubic Bezier curves, and 
then to TrueType quadratic Bezier curves, and the others by 
performing bold and oblique machine-transformations with FontForge on 
the Bezier curve version. I will soon publish a "Reflection on 
Practice" document on the website that will 
explain this process in detail.

The EOT files were generated with
and have no root string restrictions or compression.


Here is a list of major and minor changes, most recent first. 

6 July 2009 (Dave Crossland) Cantarell Version 1.001
 - Initial release of font as "Cantarell"


Here is a list of contributors.

If you make modifications be sure to add your name (N), email (E),
web-address (W) and description (D). This list is sorted by last name
in alphabetical order.

N: Dave Crossland
D: Designer - original Latin glyphs

N: Lucian Adrian Grijincu
D: GNOME Romania team lead - added Romanian diacritics