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#ifndef LKLFTPD_SESS_H__
#define LKLFTPD_SESS_H__
#include <apr_network_io.h>
#include <apr_pools.h>
#include <apr_errno.h>
#include <apr_thread_proc.h>
#include <apr_atomic.h>
struct lfd_data_sess
apr_thread_t * data_conn_th;
apr_socket_t * data_sock; // the data connection socket
apr_pool_t * data_pool; // my temporary pool used for data connection
int in_progress; // status of the current transfer (in progress or not )
int is_ascii;
apr_off_t restart_pos; //if non zero represents the offset from where to begin sending file data.
apr_size_t transfer_size;
int abor_received;
struct lfd_sess
struct lfd_data_sess * data_conn; // only one active data connection at a time
apr_socket_t * comm_sock; //the client command socket
apr_pool_t * loop_pool; //use this pool to allocate temporary data and data that is relevant to the current command only.
apr_pool_t * sess_pool; //use this pool to allocate objects that have meaning durring the whole lifetime of the session.
char * cmd_input_buffer; //buffer used for reading commands
char * ftp_cmd_str; // command body
char * ftp_arg_str; // command argument
char * cwd_path; // the user's current working directory
apr_socket_t * pasv_listen_fd; //PASSIVE listen descriptor. The data socket is determined by accepting a socket on this listening socket.
apr_sockaddr_t * p_port_sockaddr; //port configured by PORT to be used in active connections. The data socket is obtained by connecting a socket to this address
apr_off_t restart_pos; //REST value.
int is_ascii; //current mode is ASCII.
extern const apr_size_t cmd_input_buffer_len; //length of lfd_sess.cmd_input_buffer
apr_status_t lfd_sess_create(struct lfd_sess **plfd_sess, apr_thread_t * thd, apr_socket_t * sock);
void lfd_sess_destroy(struct lfd_sess *sess);
apr_status_t lfd_data_sess_create(struct lfd_data_sess **plfd_data_sess, apr_thread_t * thd, apr_socket_t *sock);
void lfd_data_sess_destroy(struct lfd_data_sess *sess);